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Touch screen kiosk, interactive kiosk and digital kiosk supplier in New Zealand
Kiosk Hardware Software & Installation

At Webkiosk, we provide a wide variety of interactive touchscreen kiosks hardware and software for your commercial needs.

Kiosk projects could just be a simple, standalone Windows/IPad kiosk serving certain websites, or a secured kiosk ecosystem with custom programming front-end linking to a back-end web services. That's where our experiences and expertise in hardware & software really makes the difference.

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  • Kiosk Hardware

    Windows/IPad/Android Kiosk. Customizable to fit printer/scanner etc

  • Software

    Software development & standard off-the-shelf kiosk software

  • Installation

    Our experienced contractor to do delivery and onsite installation

  • Security

    SiteKiosk software to provide total system protection

Our Partners

We partner with the best
An Interactive Real Estate Marketing Platform that showcases residential and commercial properties.
Real estate buyers can interact virtually with residential and commercial spaces, using 3D Virtual Tours, Floor Plans and other interactive interfaces using kiosks.
3D Wayfinding and Directory Software. For navigation kiosk in Mall, Hospital, Casino, Public Buildings etc
A software suite that is capable of 3D map editing and providing smart wayfinding solutions. Cross-platform solution for Kiosk, Website, iOS & Android
Provisio SiteKiosk
Lockdown browser & kiosk software for safeguarding public access Internet-PCs, Displays and Tablets
Leading kiosk software with highest number of installations worldwide. Geowalker is proud to be their partner in Singapore.

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